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Cardano just got scary

Killer Club House or KCH is a horror project on Cardano challenging you to Embrace Fear through CNFTs by bringing you into a frightening world of surprises around every corner.

Killer Club House Logo

Killer Club House

Killer Club House (KCH) is a multifaceted horror project that is delivering entertaining and frightening multimedia experiences through CNFTs to the Cardano Community. Each NFT is quality-crafted by experienced artists and is unique with its own rarity score and rank. Every NFT will provide access to experiences and will bring holders through a chilling journey into the discovery of the horrifying mysteries within the KCH world.

KCH is designed to provide every holder with valuable NFTs as well as experiences within an evolving world full of frightening moments frought with twists and turns. Each KCH NFT will bring audiences deeper into a world where you know something is around the corner, but you’re never quite sure what it will be.


There are some things that should be left hidden. That should be ignored and forgotten. Left to the sands of time. Buried deep below, to never again bear witness to the celestial skies. Some evils are… older… than we can possibly fathom with our feeble faculties. Conjured in antiquity during that primordial era from heaven knows where. Only half referenced in stone age scrawlings of hermit madmen and whispered amongst the oral histories of congregated outcasts and heretics. What blasphemous deals were struck to secure our evolution? What sacrifices were made to separate ourselves from the other primitive primate species and thus nature’s tyrannical grasp? Whatever the truth may be, we traded one master for the next. One devil we knew for another much worse… The only clues of this history now remain in the relics of this hideous, long-lost past. But they are not telling their secrets, for their essence is more sinister than any expression of malevolence that has manifested in our human condition. Why should they speak? These… Vessels… have us right where they want us…. Distracted, decadent and divided. Prime livestock in the never-ending harvest of souls. One day, the grand tapestry will reveal itself, the cup filled to the brim with the wailings of the damned. Then the eternal night will descend upon us all!

The game the Vessels play is long…. Dramatic calamity will strike during one epoch of time to then disappear in a relative instant, drawing little scrutiny of connectedness. The slow surgical soul-sucking satiate these eldritch snakes for a season. But inevitably they strike again, as is their nature. Their poison savagely spread through the veins of civilization. Each Vessel has a particular way of savoring the delicacy of a human soul, prolonging the agonizing tragedy in the wake of its wrath. To better relish in the cruel irony, they often take the forms of innocent objects normally associated with human expressions of love, community, honor, harmony and happiness. Cloaked in subterfuge and emersed in the proximity of pain, they feed….

How could any of us hope to resist? For whom could possibly know to confront the embodiment of evil when it is camouflaged in that of a wedding ring? Cursed to bring those who swear vows upon it, a spirit of infidelity, deception and treachery. Bringing family members to turn on one another, inevitably in horrendous violence. Who would have thought that a simple fur pelt, used to bring warmth and survival, could twist its subjects into hideous demonic beasts, craving greed-induced murder of their whole tribe? Who would have guessed that an ancient pyramid, housing the royal dead, was the voice behind a beckoning call, entrancing disoriented villagers to entomb themselves in its deepest burial chambers? How were we to detect corrupted relics at the monastery that when used in supplication, sow the seeds of discord, conflagration and rebellion? Who could possibly fathom a little child’s plaything, a teddy bear possessed, procured at something as innocuous as a traveling carnival, corrupting those around it into the most terrifying instruments of perpetual despair?

So many lives were ruined. So many yet to be…

Only one thing is for certain.
We are all knocking at Death’s door…
For his is the only home humanity will reside.

Cardano NFTs

The Sickle Key mint is open, which will later gain access to ongoing benefits, experiences, and future drops. Each key is unique with its own rarity and is crafted with materials ranging from molten metal to bloody bone. 

Evolving Story

With a KCH NFT, you will later gain access to a new evolving story, unraveling the mysteries within the world where you never know what may be right around the corner.

Minting Now

1,111 3D Sickle Keys

Sale Price: 85Ada

Mint Here

Or send 85 ADA to the following address: addr1v8sljsdp3nksfs25almgxr39pfz4rxscea0q3q8gtr7vpzq3z5wcj

Up to 10 per transaction/no limit per wallet

Policy ID:


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Phase 1

  • Killer Club House Brand


    Killer Club House (KCH) established its brand identity and we launched accounts on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

  • KCH - Bear

    Strategy & Story

    We’ve developed an initial project strategy and story that is designed to engage the Cardano Community in ways that will provide value through high-quality NFTs, as well as horror experiences that will be delivered over time.

  • KCH community


    We believe in community first – audience first. Every NFT and experience we design, is done so with our audience as the primary concern. From creatives, community members, collectors, and investors to anyone interested in horror experiences, we keep everyone in mind for the foundations of every project we create.

    We are building the KCH community where NFT holders have access to ongoing value and to unique horror experiences that will keep you anticipating what’s around the corner.

  • KCH - Mic


    Look for us on Twitter and YouTube, and we will also be sharing sneak peeks of our project and content.

  • Killer Club House Brand

    KCH NFT Keys

    An initial series of 1,111 keys will provide access to the KCH world with minting starting on October 1, 2022. Each NFT is unique with individual traits and has a rarity score and rank. Our collection is verified and listed on relevant Cardano marketplaces. We will be following up with additional releases of new types of keys that will unlock unique experiences within the KCH world.

  • KCH - Gate Icon

    KCH NFT Gates

    Key holders will be provided with a KCH gate that will have its own rarity score and ranking. The combined gate and key rarity score will determine the level of your near-term experiences and benefits within the KCH world. Unique packages will be provided to holders based on that combined rarity score.

  • KCH - Future

    Phase 2

    Expanding the KCH World

    The KCH world is full of surprises around every corner through NFTs and multimedia horror experiences. KCH NFT holders will begin to gain access to unique benefits and surprises.

    Expanding Community

    KCH will engage with community-driven projects and collaborate with developers, creators, and members of the community who are invested in the Cardano Blockchain to drive unique benefits to the expanding KCH membership.

    Crossing Worlds

    As the KCH world and community expands, we intend to expand into multiple channels of the delivery of entertainment and experiences outside of Cardano, with a focus on bringing more people from other blockchains, communities, and audiences.


    We believe in the idea that for any project to be successful, everyone involved needs to be included in that. Not just our project team and collaborators, but first and foremost, our members and the community. KCH will seek opportunities to support the ongoing success of our communities.




John Anderson

Lubbock Texas
Twitter: @Johnand94830005
Discord: Johna#8990

Richard Cole

Lubbock Texas
Twitter: @Rcole89
Discord: Kryptock#0413




Project Lead
Twitter: @Flawwed1Art

HyperTodd Art


Twitter: @HyperToddArt



Concept Artist
Twitter: @SchhhArt



Project Writer



nfluencer / Co-Host
Twitter: @ChadderVOX
Discord: CH₳DDERVOX#8627



Designer / Lead MOD / Lead Shill Army
Twitter: @SarahCole89
Discord: Sallywarrior#4400

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why was Killer Club House created?

Killer Club House was created to inspire people to think beyond what they believed possible by confronting their fears to expand their reality.

What is the Killer Club House Mission?

Our mission is to push the boundaries of Web3 and Cardano by evolving art and technology experiences within the space of engaged communities.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Build community in a way that grows and expands the Cardano ecosystem by bringing in new people and talent into the space and inspiring their engagement in the horror genre.
  • Create a launchpad for people to share and create horror experiences
  • Become the project that you think of in Cardano when you think of horror. 
How do I join the Killer Club House community?

Anyone can join the KCH community by following on Twitter or joining Discord. Our most active, engaged, and helpful community members will become “family”. To become a member and have access to the KCH world you must be holding a KCH NFT.

What are the benefits of joining Killer Club House?

A strong community is the backbone of any successful project. The possible benefits of a strong community are endless. Meet people that share your passion for horror and help us build a vibrant, influential and united community.

There will be other more tangible benefits for KCH holders based on the given roles. We have an ambitious Roadmap that provides more detail.

How was the artwork created?

Killer Club House keys are animated 3D NFTs. They are created through an artistic process starting with designs and concept art by Schhhart which are then built into 3D animation using bleeding-edge technology with rarities determined through advanced generative technology.